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TOPIC: Choir

Choir 7 years, 11 months ago #701

  • rog857
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Hi Jim,
I recently joined my church choir (never would have without the confidence your course provided me). My question is: Do you have any suggestions you typically give your students regarding singing in a choir?


Re: Choir 7 years, 11 months ago #703

  • TVJim
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Hey Roger,

congratulations and thank you I'm so happy I have helped.

The fun thing about singing in a choir is the beauty that is created by many different voices....

I have a word for you that word is blend..... as a singer in the choir it's not about being a solo singer it's about your voice blending with all the other voices... The concept is actually to sound like a musical instrument such as an organ or piano and when everybody sings correctly with the right dynamics and phrasing it is absolutely beautiful.

As far as the skills required. That depends on the choir director and his approach towards teaching everybody the songs in the choir.

Some choir directors sing the parts using a piano accompanist or they themselves as the accompanist and they teach all of the parts to the choir.. more like they were a glee club learning all the parts by rote.

Some choir directors expect you to be able to sight read/sing and gives out all the parts that way.

Some choir directors are really heavy-duty about you being able to read tand other choir directors are not so demanding in that direction.

Sometimes it's as easy as standing by a really good singer in your section and sort of copying what they're doing while you're learning the parts. When the choir is very large it is fairly easy to do it that way. When the choir is smaller with less singers things start to become a little more demanding on you about holding your own.

Some choirs directors just give out the words to the songs and you do not need to read music at all. Again it's more the style of the choir director and their approach.

All in all singing in a choir is a lot of fun and a great experience you'll learn about harmony and harmony parts.. You will have to learn your particular harmony parts and remember them and not let the other sections/parts in the choir confuse your part.

You will be in one of the sections of the choir. Meaning if you are a tenor, baritone, or bass.. Those are the male voice classifications and of course alto and soprano are the female classifications. Depending upon which section your singing in you will be more apt to sing harmony parts or melody lines...

Also, right now I'm working on bringing up the whole harmony course here on the website trust me working on all of the harmony lessons in the harmony course will certainly serve you well for singing in a choir. Choirs are all about harmony and the harmony course is all about harmony..

Have a great time keep me posted and as you start to learn more about your choir and what's happening feel free to share with all of us here on the site and of course ask me any questions you may have to help you out. I'll look forward to hearing about it.

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Re: Choir 7 years, 11 months ago #706

  • rog857
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Thanks Jim,
That's a great suggestion about standing next to a good singer and hitting the same notes (hopefully )until I really have my part down pat. We have about 5 weeks to go before our big Christmas show.

I'll keep you posted.

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