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TOPIC: Videos

Videos 7 years, 11 months ago #595

I was looking for an off topic or general topic forum but cannot see one so just picked here.

Is there only one place to upload videos.... open mic ?
I was going to post a silly video of me trying to sing the notes of my guitar E string.
to see if you could give me a few suggestions where to start.
I was going to upload it to the Guitar Tuning Vocalising post I made, but I can't put it there either.

I'm not putting it in the Open Mic .... spoil a good forum of good singers like buddy.

Actually, I'm not even sure you'd entertain my video... it's bad

I can't sing !
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Re: Videos 7 years, 11 months ago #596

  • TVJim
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Hey little FYI for you I did comment on the tuning method video that you uploaded on my weekly wrap-up. Problem is it won't be released until Monday. So be on the lookout for that. I'll just quickly mention a bit of what I spoke of on the video clip. It's a quick trick and if you have an ear for singing intervals correctly it can help you get close. I actually don't believe unless you have perfect pitch that you can get the notes perfectly in tune that way. Honestly, even with perfect pitch you have to listen to how one note to the next note harmonizes and blends with each other. It was my feeling when I listen to the video that although he got close to the correct tuning of the guitar it really wasn't in tune at the end of his clip. Honestly not in tune enough to be accepted as an in tune guitar in my group.

We play both acoustic and electric guitars throughout the evening when were performing. We always have to have all 4 guitars in tune . We really take out the time to get them to sound correctly. A quick tuning as suggested in the video clip is just not up to par with idea of perfection in relationship to the guitars being in tune for a performance. So in the long run is an interesting clip something that will obviously gather interest which is what he's trying to do just get numbers on his video clips and kind of a interesting idea. Good enough maybe 2 rehearsed with and a quick tuning of the guitar. However, I think the guitar should be perfectly in tune at all times. Hear more about it check out my weekly wrap-up which will be released on Monday. also, I can't help but mention that if you want to improve your actual ear training use my ear training course here on the website it ask you to listen to notes and identified starting at a very simple level and works its way up into very advanced listening techniques. Someone who gain the skill's of what I'm building their might have a little easier time working with that tuning concept.

Thank you for your energies

and as always
keep singing,

Re: Videos 7 years, 11 months ago #597

Hello TVJim
Thanks for taking the time to reply and explain.

I think there's been a misunderstanding......
Your reply here is really a reply to my other post that you mention.
What I asked here in this topic was ......

Is there only one place to upload videos.... Open Mic.

It would be nice to have a General place to upload miscellaneous beginner singing attempts
where lots of mistakes might be acceptable but provoke discussion for singing improvement suggestions.
I mean it's embarrassing uploading a a poor singing video amongst videos folk that can sing.


I've copied and paste your response to the Tuning Video forum post.
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