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Totally Vocals Weekly Wrap Up May 1st, 2015 with Singing Tips
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TOPIC: Totally Vocals Weekly Wrap Up May 1st, 2015 with Singing Tips

Totally Vocals Weekly Wrap Up May 1st, 2015 with Singing Tips 5 years, 11 months ago #907

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Hi Everyone,

The weekly wrap up is ready.


Jim takes a moment to review last weeks release in the Melisma Singing Course. Step 8 was very interesting and used quarter note triplets, dotted 8th and 16th note figures to demonstrate how to create an endless combination of melismas.

This weeks musical tip is all about balancing resonance by using nasal consonant sounds that are placed over non-nasal consonants. Many singers experience a loss of focus and lack of resonance when pitch begins on a word introduces by the U vowel. To help singers overcome loss of resonance we take a non-nasal word and substitute it with a nasal sound in order to help singers learn to vocalize with the same resonance.

You definitely don’t want to miss these powerful singing tips that Jim is sharing and demonstrating in this week's wrap up!
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Re: Totally Vocals Weekly Wrap Up May 1st, 2015 with Singing Tips 5 years, 11 months ago #908

Hi Jim,

Thanks for another great tip and weekly recap!

There is one thing I've been meaning to ask/suggest. In many lessons (at least the ones that I've watched), you're way closer to the camera, which is great, since a student wants to connect with the teacher (with video that's hard to begin with), but when zoomed out so much as you are now (especially in the recaps), or from the chest up (not centered), you seem soooooooo far away, so then it's even harder. Personally I'd like to see more of you, and be connected to you, than your studio. (I'm sure you have a great studio ). Hope you understand where I'm coming from. Again this is just a personal suggestion/question.

Many thanks for everything you do and I really look forward meeting you for 'real' at IGC 2015! That should get us connected for sure.


Re: Totally Vocals Weekly Wrap Up May 1st, 2015 with Singing Tips 5 years, 11 months ago #910

  • TVJim
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Hey Vanessa thank you so much for the insights.

Yeah to be completely candid with you I guess what I usually do when I'm working on true lessons is to I focus the camera over my keyboard because I'm usually working from that vantage point. That puts me a little closer in with the camera.

When I'm doing the wrap-ups I guess you're right? I was just trying to get more of my studio in the shot and also that little sign above my head that says the "art of singing" reason being I have always thought it looked cool....

Also to get that and my mixing board in the shot I have to pull the camera back far enough to be able to get all of that stuff in...

There is also one other factor.....For a long time I was using a Sony HD camera but for about the last year or so I started using the zoom Q4.

It is not as flexible when it comes to panning in and out but it has the most fantastic microphones for audio recording...

So to get that wide shot I have to set the camera using a preset shot. It doesn't just zoom in and out like my Sony.

Anyway just sharing with you some of the reasons why and at the same time acknowledging your suggestions... I will definitely see if I can pull the camera shots in a little closer.

I do truly get where you're coming from on this suggestion. In fact that's kind of the whole point of this right? I want to create a virtual feeling for everybody in their own home's that they are having the experience of being with me in my studio. Up close and personal. I'll definitely keep your suggestions in mind as I'm setting up my camera.

I also assume from your comment that you will be going to the totally guitars music camp this year. So yes we will in fact meet and that will be great fun.

Any other thoughts ideas or comments please feel free to jump on the forum anytime.

Keep singing,

TV Jim
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Re: Totally Vocals Weekly Wrap Up May 1st, 2015 with Singing Tips 5 years, 11 months ago #911

Hi Jim, I had actually figured a couple of the things you mention, thanks for sharing those and more. Yes, your sign is absolutely cool!

And it's true, a student wants to feel as if they're there with you in the studio, so I'm glad you get where I'm coming from.

And yes, I'll be at IGC 2015 since I'm a guitarteacher at Totally Guitars (TGVanessa) and for that part of the instructors-staff. For the lessons that I record for the site, I sing a lot (actually I LOVE singing, if I can't sing, I get bored easily. I leave the instrumentals for Neil ), so I'm glad for TV and for you to be part of this years camp as well.

Thanks again for your response and I'll see you in September!

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