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"When I teach I often have special guests. Not necessarily famous singers but good singers, I have them sing the song, they have to sing "acapella" meaning no music and then they have to sing it with the music. I then take that and I break it down and I create material that always relates to the courses. I don't use just famous singers, I go get the real people. People who were just once like you. Does anyone else do that? No..."


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    How to breathe properly and where to breathe during a song. most beginning singers, even those with a good (but untrained) voice, need to have breathing and breath timing skills.

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    The FREE beginners course provides the foundation and perfect starting point for the first part of the Vocal Mastery Program

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    I not only teach songs but within them there's different little puzzle pieces to what makes a complete singer. So it's not just learning how to sing a song but the techniques involved to sing that song.


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