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Listen And Recognize

Ear Training

This course simply starts with you internalizing the note’s C to D and building upon that with both audio and video clips to take you through and aide you in internalizing all the notes in music. It doesn't stop there from there we move into recognizing scale degrees as they move through a major scale teaching you to identify them and building your foundation in listening to a superior level. This is extremely thorough and covers all 12 keys. From that point we move into the identification of chords Majors minors diminished augmented which are the basic chords in music. Then to the 7th chords, Maj. 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th, minor 7 flat 5, major minor 7th and diminished 7th chords.The listen recognize series continues today be adding the note C one octave higher. Although the note C has already been introduced from the very beginning we will treat the C one octave higher as a separate note. The logic of this shall become apparent as time goes on.

Free Preview

Step 1 C D
Step 2 C D E
Step 3 C D E F
Step 4 C D E F G
Step 5 C D E F G A
Step 6 C D E F G A B
Step 7 C To C
Step 8 C Sharp
Step 9 E Flat
Step 10 F Sharp
Step 11 A Flat
Step 12 B Flat
Step 13 Chromatic Intervals
Step 14 The Major Scale
Step 15 C Major Scale
Step 16 C Sharp Major Scale
Step 17 D Major Scale
Step 18 E Flat Major Scale
Step 19 E Major Scale
Step 20 F Major Scale Copy
Step 21 F Sharp Major Scale
Step 22 G Major Scale
Step 23 A Flat Major Scale
Step 24 A Major Scale
Step 25 B Flat Major Scale
Step 26 B Major Scale
Step 27 Maj Min Thirds
Step 28 Identifying Harmonic Singing
Step 29 Harmonic Thirds One
Step 30 C Sharp Thirds
Step 31 Maj Minor Thirds Key Of D
Step 32 Maj Minor Thirds Key Of Eb
Step 33 Maj Minor Thirds Key Of E
Step 34 Maj Minor Thirds Key Of F
Step 35 Maj Minor Thirds Key Of F Sharp
Step 36 Maj Minor Thirds Key Of G
Step 37 Maj Minor Thirds Key Of A Flat
Step 38 Maj Minor Thirds Key Of A
Step 39 Maj Minor Thirds Key Of B flat
Step 40 Maj Minor Thirds Key Of B
Step 41 Identifying non key chromatic
Step 42 Maj Minor Thirds Fine F Sharp
Step 43 Maj Minor Thirds Key C Find F Sharp Eb
Step 44 Maj MinorThirds Key C Identify F Sharp Eb Ab
Step 45 Major Minor Thirds Key C
Step 46 Identify E A F Sharp
Step 47 Maj Minor Thirds building chords
Step 48 Cmaj Chord Randem Black Notes
Step 49 D Maj Random Notes
Step 50 E Maj Random Notes
Step 51 F Major Random Notes
Step 52 G Major Random
Step 53 A Major Chord Random Notes
Step 54 B Major Chord Random Notes
Step 55 F Sharp Major Random Notes
Step 56 E Flat Major Random Notes
Step 57 A flat Major Random Notes
Step 58 B Flat Major To Random Notes
Step 59 C-Sharp Major Random Notes
Step 60 Major Chord Random mov
Step 61 Maj To Minor
Step 62 Maj Min To Random Notes
Step 63 Maj To Min Chords D To C Sharp
Step 64 Maj Min Rendom Black Notes
Step 65 C C Sharp Maj To Min To Random
Step 66 C C sharp D Maj To Minor
Step 67 C C Shar D Random Black Keys
Step 68 C C Sharp D To All Random
Step 69 C C Sharp D Eb
Step 70 C C Sharp D Eb
Step 71 C C Sharp D Eb
Step 72 C C Sharp D E Flat E
Step 73 Major Minor C C sharp D Eb E F
Step 74
Step 75 C C sharp D E flat E F F sharp G
Step 76 C C sharp D Eb E F F sharp G Ab
Step 77 C Csharp D Eflat E F Fsharp G Aflat A
Step 78 D C sharp D E flat E F F shrp G A flat A B flat
Step 79 C C sharp D E flat E F F sharp G Ab A Bb B
Step 80 Dimished Chords
Step 81 more Dimished
Step 82 More dimished More Movement
Step 83 Augmented Chord
Step 84 More Augmented Chord
Step 85 Speed It Up
Step 86
Step 87 Inversions
Step 88 In versions
Step 89 Maj Min Dim Aug Random
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