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The Intermediate Voice Course

Voice Course

The intermediate voice course moves from general air balancing throughout your whole range into specific developmental exercises that develop power, strength and resonance in your chest voice, head voice and your mix. Also specific exercises that blend and create uniformity throughout your whole range are included.Here's where the new information really starts. Information about Resonance and cord closure, which are extremely important concepts for the continued development in the intermediate level. Today's releases include these topics. Continuing on with the next step in the intermediate course a further developmental exercise is added for the chest voice. This exercise establishes chest with the utilization of the Ay vowel sound

Introduction To Intermediate Course
Holistically Accessing The Voice
Intermediate Pre Warm Up
A Chromatic Mums Two Octaves Female
B Chromatic Mums Two Octaves Male
Chord Compression Steps
Chest Voice Part One
Establishing Chest Using Ay Vowel
Applying Ay Sound 5 Note Pattern Female
Applying Ay Sound5 Note Pattern Male
Ay Sound Thirds Female
Ay Sound Thirds Male
Easy Air Flow Female Range
Easy Air Flow Male Range
Chest Voice Siren On The Fifth
Chest Slide One Female
Chest Slide Two Female
Vocal Fry For The Low Notes
Chest Ya Ya Ya Sound
Crescendo Down Decrescendo Up Chest
Head Voice Intro
Head Voice The Ooo Sound
Head Voice The K Sound
Head Voice Spot Abduction
More On Finding Head Voice
Head Down To Chest The Goo Goo Sound Mix Exc
The Wee Wee Sound Head Voice
The Gee Gee Sound
Gee Gee Sound One Octave
Narrow To Wide
Oo Oh Uh
Ee Ay Eah Vowel Sounds
Wee Wee Sound Head Voice
Nay Nay Sound Head Voice
Challenging The Bridge Points
Challenging The Bridge - Wider Vowel
Wraping Up Head Voice
Intro To Mix Exercises
Ng Sound In Mix
Ng To Hum Into Mix
Nasal Lilt
Ng To Hum One Octave
Ng To Hum Octave And Half
Bouncing From Chest To Mix
Working Mix With Chromatic Thirds
Bouncing Ng To Hum
Fusing Chest To Mix
Nay Nay 4 On Top
Nay Nay With Slide
Ng To Ah chest Into Mix Lower
Wee Wee Head Down To Mix
Nuh nuh Sound
No No Sound
Oo Oh Ah To crescendo
Ee Ay Eah To Crescendo
Slide On The Vowels
Blending Oo Oh Ah Full Range
Blending Ee Ay Euh Through Your Range
Moving from chest to mix and head
Nasal to D nasal
Wrap up for intermediate course
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