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buddy created a new topic RESSURECTION DAY in the forums.
Here is a rendition of Resurrection Day by Paul Thorne. Added some lead guitar to this as well. Paul Thorne is a very interesting song writer. I find him to be both deeply reverent and irreverent in his song writing. I think I relate to that.


1713 days ago
buddy created a new topic THE SOUND OF SILENCE in the forums.
Here is a gritty, dark and moody rendition of the Simon and Garfunkel song The Sound of Silence. Really had to work at singing this song and it bumps up in the third verse. Recorded this on the Gibson songwriter and recorded it on the Tascam DP008. Any and all feedback and comments would be appreciated to help move it along. P.S. feeling lonely in Open Mic and wish other would join me here with their recordings. Bud

1790 days ago
buddy created a new topic YESTERDAY in the forums.
1814 days ago
buddy created a new topic SEASONS-MAN OF STEEL in the forums.
Here is a song called Seasons from the movie Man of Steel. It is played in a F# tuning which creates a very unique sound on the acoustic guitar. It has some challenging vocals for my range and really forced me to work on my falsetto voice. any and all feedback is more than welcome. Bud

1828 days ago
buddy created a new topic The Riverside in the forums.
Tried to use the uploader but still is not working for me so I just added the link below. This song pushes the top of my range and is a very fun genre of music to play. Any and all comments to improve it are very welcome.

1888 days ago
buddy created a new topic John The Revalator in the forums.
I could not get the uploader to work so I just embedded the video from Youtube. This is a rendition of John the Revelator in double drop D tuning. Any and all suggestion about how to improve it are welcome. Bud

1904 days ago
buddy created a new topic Ain't No Grave in Drop D tuning. in the forums.
Sorry but I could not get the open mic down loader to work so I posted a YouTube link. Here is a rendition of Ain't No Grave in Drop D tuning. I really tried to to dig deep into my diaphragm for this song to bring out the emotion and feel of it and to match the deep base of the Drop D tuning. Any and all suggestion are always appreciated. Bud

1926 days ago
buddy created a new topic Grace Like Rain in the forums.
Sorry Guys I could still not get the uploader to work so I posted a YouTube link. This is a new take on that famous old hymn Amazing Grace. I slowed it down a little and added my own favor to it. Any tips, help, or input is always welcome. Bud

1968 days ago
buddy created a new topic TAKE ME TO THE RIVER in the forums.
Tried to load this using the busking uploader but could not get it to work so I just linked it to You Tube. Decided to try this Al Green song since I wanted to work on the top of my vocal range. This tune is way up at the top of my range and it brought out my inner rocker, LOL. Any suggestions to move it along would be much appreciated. Bud

1973 days ago
buddy replied to the topic Re: I SEE FIRE - HOBBIT in the forums.
A quick postscript on this. After working on this tune some more, I decided to record it again straight up as I was getting bleed over from the guitar mic. I have now replaced the original sound file with the new version.
2092 days ago
buddy created a new topic I SEE FIRE - HOBBIT in the forums.
Sorry no video on this song as this started out as an experiment to record this song singing baritone and then to record it up higher as a tenor. After recording both versions, I decided to experiment and blend the two versions into the version presented below. I really had to work at the upper ends in this song and use the tools that Jim has been teaching us on the the site lessons. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated, Bud
2096 days ago
buddy replied to the topic Re: OLD MAN - HALF STEP UP in the forums.
TVJim wrote:
Well buddy that's great

You are definitely a man who is using the technology in such a wonderful way.

Learning vocals on the Internet and you have a sound cloud site you are posting both audio and video material. I love it. This is why right now is a good time to be alive and using such a great resource to advance ourselves in something extremely positive.

I like the point that you are challenging yourself by bringing the song up another half step.

I guess my 1st question to you would be how does it feel when you're singing in this new key? To be a little more specific what's the difference in shifting to the high notes in this key versus the previous key you sang it in?

Also, if you go back to the 1/2 step lower key now and sing it again doe's it feel any easier then before in that key? Or about the same?

Do you like this new key (for you) better because the air pressures matchup in a different way between your registers then the previous key?

Or do you find it more difficult?

What I'm looking for is your observations by doing this.

I know I'm asking questions instead of giving advice here. The reason why is because these would be the type of questions I'd be asking you in my studio after listening.

There is no right answer just observations and of course these observations can teach you and all of us something..

I don't want to put words into your mouth I'd like to hear your response to these questions. When you get the time.

I will continue sharing my observations with you from there.

Take your time don't feel you have to immediately answer this give it a shot in your own time frame and then get back to me…..

Keep singing,
TV Jim

Hi Jim, Yes I agree, their is so much our their to further or music loving experiences. In answer to your insightful questions, The reason I changed the key up a half step was that it was easier for me (less strain) to move from my chest voice to my transition voice during the high notes in the chorus. Using your exercised helped me maintain the correct tone and depth without the strain.

Singing in the half step lower key was also easier after the exercises but still a little strain their, with time I think I could eliminate the strain at this key as well.

I do prefer the higher key because I think it presents the song better and it really helps me to change registers and not strain so much.

This has been a great exercise for me and thanks so much for all the insights as it was really helpful, Bud
2158 days ago