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1409 days ago
Hi Jim, I had actually figured a couple of the things you mention, thanks for sharing those and more. Yes, your sign is absolutely cool!

And it's true, a student wants to feel as if they're there with you in the studio, so I'm glad you get where I'm coming from.

And yes, I'll be at IGC 2015 since I'm a guitarteacher at Totally Guitars (TGVanessa) and for that part of the instructors-staff. For the lessons that I record for the site, I sing a lot (actually I LOVE singing, if I can't sing, I get bored easily. I leave the instrumentals for Neil ), so I'm glad for TV and for you to be part of this years camp as well.

Thanks again for your response and I'll see you in September!

1409 days ago
Hi Jim,

Thanks for another great tip and weekly recap!

There is one thing I've been meaning to ask/suggest. In many lessons (at least the ones that I've watched), you're way closer to the camera, which is great, since a student wants to connect with the teacher (with video that's hard to begin with), but when zoomed out so much as you are now (especially in the recaps), or from the chest up (not centered), you seem soooooooo far away, so then it's even harder. Personally I'd like to see more of you, and be connected to you, than your studio. (I'm sure you have a great studio ). Hope you understand where I'm coming from. Again this is just a personal suggestion/question.

Many thanks for everything you do and I really look forward meeting you for 'real' at IGC 2015! That should get us connected for sure.

1411 days ago
nesh16041972 replied to the topic Re: Another introduction through TG in the forums.
Aaah you did find your way over here Chris, awesome!

Hope you're enjoying the lessons. How is the beginners course coming around?

You were planning to join IGC 2015 right? It'd be too cool to meet Jim and talk a lot more about singing, which is what I really love to do.

Anyway, see around!

1445 days ago
nesh16041972 uploaded a new avatar
1510 days ago
lueders replied to the topic Re: Backing Tracks in the forums.
2602 days ago
lueders replied to the topic Re: neverfoundthetime sings Castles in the Air in the forums.
Very Nice Chris, enjoyed hearing & seeing you over as well.

2607 days ago
TVJim thanks for the post Re: Backing Tracks in the forums.
2616 days ago
lueders replied to the topic Re: lueders sings Naked As We Came in the forums.
Hello Jim,

Thank You So much for your reply on this!! I can't wait to relay your comments to Krista! She'll be thrilled.
thanks for the guitar props too! Really glad you liked the tune. If you aren't familiar with Iron & Wine, you
might wanna check 'em out. They're sort of in the mold of Death Cab For Cutie and some of the bands of
that ilk.

Thanks Again!!

2617 days ago
lueders replied to the topic Re: Backing Tracks in the forums.
Hello Jim,

Thanks for the reply, Sir.I almost didn't post that because I didn't want to sound like some know-it-all or
someone who was ungrateful.Because I believe this site has the potential to help me and so many others who
can't sing a lick! LOL! So I guess, I am saying I am glad it was taken in the spirit it was intended.
I'm happy the Totally Keyboards "crossover tracks" might be a possible solution.And yes, I did notice some
of the partial backing tracks and those are definitely an asset, I believe!

Well, anyways thanks alot, Jim!! You seem like a real good fella and you definitely know your stuff!
I know this sounds corny, but any friend of Neil Hogan's is a friend of mine.

Thanks Again,

2617 days ago
TVJim thanks for the post lueders sings Naked As We Came in the forums.
2617 days ago
TVJim thanks for the post Backing Tracks in the forums.
2617 days ago
lueders created a new topic Backing Tracks in the forums.
Hello Jim,

It occurred to me that if backing tracks without vocals were provided
(with some of the song-based lessons) participation would likely increase. I think
that backing track provides a little more security psychologically for someone trying to upload a vid for
the first time. (A nice chordal wash of sound, giving a person something to target the melody)
These tracks wouldn't have to have all the bells and whistles either.Just the basic
guitar/piano chord progression. Take for instance, "Wake Up Little Suzie"If an instrumental track of the
song, that was already provided with the lesson that was done in the demo. I don't think every nuance of
say Jimmy Page's guitar solo on "Immigrant Song" would be necessary at all.

The piano/keyboard tunes that currently overlap with Totally Keyboards would work out great.
The best part is, I think it might be a moneymaker actually. I think you could charge an additional fee for
the backing tracks. The Karaoke type sites that specialize in backing tracks charge quite a bit for
those tracks. And that gets $$ costly, right quick to purchase very many of those. Playing an instrument
and singing at the same time has it own set of challenges. A person is left with the choice of
purchasing an aforementioned, karaoke track, trying to accompany themselves on an instrument they likely
also struggle with, or singing acapella. Beginners like me are reluctant to sing acapella tell you!

Perhaps, there might even be one of the more reputable backing track outfits that TV could come some to
kind of mutually beneficial business arrangement with. But, I dunno this is all just a bunch of random

DISCLAIMER:I realize the time an energy it would take to put this all together &
licensing issues would probably put the kibosh on this.


2619 days ago
TVJim thanks for the post Re: First Ever Weekly Wrap Up Dec. 17, 2011 in the forums.
2642 days ago