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sheldonr created a new topic Microphone for Live Performance in the forums.
Hi Jim,

I am in an acoustic duo where we play at small venues, wineries, bars, and open mics. My partner is taking most of the lead vocals. The problem he has though is he has got quite a soft singing voice. He also tends to let his head wander to check the Ipad for lyrics or check where he is on the fret board. We have been using mostly a Shure SM-58 Microphone. When he does this no one can hear the vocals. We try to crank up the volume but then we have to fight off the feedback. With the SM-58 you have sing right into the screen or it won't pickup because it has such a focused pattern.

Can you recommend a microphone that would be a good choice for my partner? What about the old style microphones where they have 3 people singing into 1 microphone. They must have a much wider pattern.

Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

2286 days ago