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The Advanced Voice Course

Singing Technique Lesson Courses

The introduction to "The Advanced Voice Course" here it is the 1st clip and the beginning of the release of "The Advanced Voice Course" topics such as with strengthening the mix, building power in all parts of the voice, advancing your ear training by vocalizing on many new arpeggios and scales, the development of various vocal skills such as phrasing, Trilling, lyrical interpretation, tonal variations, runs and licks and so much more all will be revealed during are journey through "The Advanced Voice Course".

Introduction to the Advanced Voice Course
Step One: Warm Up on the Major 9th Chord
Step Two: The Minor 9th Arpeggio as a Warm-Up
Step Three: The Minor 13th Chord
Step Four: The Minor 13 Chord The "Wee Wee" Sound
Step Five: The Minor 13 Chord "Oo" to "Eee"
Step Six: Major 7th Chord The "Gee Gee" Sound
Step Seven: The "May May" Sound 4 on Top
Step Eight: Four on Top to Sustain The Major 7th Chord
Step Nine: The Minor Pentatonic Scale
Step Ten: Dominant 7 The "Wee Wee" Sound
Step Eleven: Holding on the Dominant 7th
Step Twelve: Dominant 7 Sustained with by Broader
Step Thirteen: Head To Mix Descending Scales Male
Step Fourteen: Stay in Mix Using Chromatic Steps
Step Fifteen: Stay in Mix Chromatic Half Steps in Male Mix
Step Sixteen: Shifting Head to Mix
Step Seventeen: Expand Range & Mix
Step Eighteen: Expanding Your Mix
Step Nineteen: Balancing in Extended Mix Quick Just to Mix
Step Twenty: Major 7th Chord Expand Male Mix
Step Twenty-One: Major Minor 7th Dominant 7
Step Twenty-Two: Intro To Female Mix
Step Twenty-Three: High Note Female Chest Voice
Step Twenty-Four: Slides & Female Mix
Step Twenty-Five: Dissenting Chromatic Scales Female Mixed Voice
Step Twenty-Six: Chromatic Half Scales Descending & Ascending
Step Twenty-Seven: The Full Chromatic 12-Tone Scale & Female Mixed Voice
Step Twenty-Eight: Shaving Off The Air Pressure Using the Minor Pentatonic Scale
Step Twenty-Nine: Let's Review What Are We Doing? Why the "Koo" Sound?
Step Thirty: A Cool Warm-Up Major, Major 7th, Dominant 7th & Minor 7
Step Thirty-One: More on The 7th Chord Warm-Up Refining the Arpeggios
Step Thirty-Two: Adding The Minor 7th For The Guys Vowels Oo, Oh, Uh, Ee, Ah
Step Thirty-Three: The Minor 7 Flat 5 Court Female Range
Step Thirty-Four: The Minor Major 7th Chord
Step Thirty-Five: The Minor Major 7th Harmonically
Step Thirty-Sixth: The Diminished 7th
Step Thirty-Seven: The Full Diminished Arpeggio
Step Thirty-Eight: Major Pentatonic
Step Thirty-Nine: Penatonic On Vowels
Step Forty: Just in Case You're Having a Little Trouble, Lip Rolls
Step Forty-One: Natural Minor Scale
Step Forty-Two: Harmonic Minor Scale
Step Forty-Three: Melodic Minor Scale
Step Forty-Four: Jazz Melodic Minor Scale
Step Forty-Five: Whole Tone Scale
Step Fourty Six: Augmented Chord Exercise
Step Forty-Seven: The Bebop Scale
Step Forty Eight: Flexibility on Patterns
Step Forty Nine: Patterns 1st Bridge Male
Step Fifty: Patterns Ab through C for Female Range
Step Fifty-One: Vocalize to Chords
Step Fifty-Two: Vocal Licks
Step Fifty-Three: Combining Pentatonic Scale Patterns
Step Fifty-Four: The Minor Pentatonic Scale
Step Fifty-Five: The Minor Blues
Step Fifty-Six: The Minor Blues Patterns
Step Fifty-Seven: Riffs & Licks
Step Fifty-Eight: Applying Rhythms to Riffs & Licks
Step Fifty-Nine: Riffs & Licks Over The Bridges
Step Sixty: Pulling it all Together
Step Sixty-One: The Major Chord Family of Sounds
Step Sixty-Two: Vocalizing To The Chords
Step Sixty-Three: Vocalizing to The Minor Chord Family
Step Sixty-Four: Technique's For Melodic Variation
Step Sixty-Five: The Melody Line
Step Sixty-Six: Vocal Phrasing
Step Sixty-Seven: What About The Lyrics?
Step Sixty-Eight: Keeping it Real Talk
Step Sixty-Nine: Final Wrap-Up
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